coming for your heart
like a cannibal
"I think that where you go wrong is that you imagine that your reasons for living ought to fall on you, ready-made from heaven, whereas we have to find them ourselves.”
— Simone de Beauvoir, The Blood of Others
Anonymous asked: I am a faraway admirer of you. In my observations, you seem to be very friendly, have a wonderful appreciation of the arts, and full of life. Sometimes, I wish I could bring myself to uncheck that anonymous button; I wish I had the courage. I hope you and your love are doing the best. Ciao.

Anon, you’re really sweet, thank you so much. If you ever decide to uncheck the anon button I’m sure we’d be good friends. :) I hope you’re having a nice evening!

Anonymous asked: I think you're a really good person to talk to and vent to. You're drop dead gorgeous and your man is a very lucky man to have such an amazing woman as yourself. More people should strive to be like you. Have a nice night!

Holy heck, I wasn’t expecting anyone to leave me anything, let alone something this kind. Thank you so much. :)

You have a wonderful night too, my dear anon.